Tendts are two brothers that make "music that you can dance to, or not". It seems an odd phrase, but aptly explains the duality of the Greek duo. The compositions of Christos and Fotis Papadakis are both emotive and movement inducing, even though they are written and structured with disparate elements that refuse to fall into obvious patterns. They consist of palpitating beats, imaginative textures, seductive melodies and sporadic bursts of treated vocals.

Christos and Fotis have spent a lifetime playing music together, creating sounds and tinkering with instruments in their native Thessaloniki. Some of their earliest joint experiments were included on their first EP, 'Slow Years'. Four more records followed: a four song 12” released on Berlin based Project Mooncircle; a self-released compilation entitled 'Accept Failure As Part Of The Process' on which experimental pieces were inspired by their favorite artists (including William S. Burroughs and Joseph Beuys), their debut LP 'Cheap Poetry' on Fair Weather Friends records; and ‘3431 Years’ for Nutty Wombat.

Their latest endeavor, on Lower Parts records, 'It's Everywhere' is a concept EP sound tracking Tendts' intergalactic encounter with The Pleiadians (dimension traversing Nordic aliens to the unenlightened) at the far edge of the universe. Upon their journey home they brought with them not only costumes, masks and relics of extraterrestrial civilizations, they brought with them the spirits of two great celestial beings, Momongo and Floflolo. Fotis and Christos were the reincarnation of these two and the main purpose of their return was to enlighten the people of Earth about the beginning of the era of the Cosmic Swimmer.

Finally, they have performed around Europe and shared the stage with names like Death in Vegas, BadBadNotGood, oOoOO, Submerse, and Werkha and have presented their live set in various festivals with the highlight being Sonar Festival as We Are Europe affiliates.